T-Mobile allowed to play Angry Birds in reality

Sunday , 8, March 2020 Leave a comment

The mobile operator T-Mobile has taken the currently very popular mobile game as the basis of its new promotion. The real Angry Birds turned out to be more like a holiday than an advertisement, but the number of views is growing exponentially, which means the creators serving T-Mobile have hit the bull’s eye again.

The action takes place on the square of the Spanish city of Terrassa (province of Barcelona). There, the creators built a life-size battlefield. Users themselves could control the “evil birds” through their smartphones, and all the special effects – shooting, explosions and destruction took place on the site.

The action was very massive, people shot it on mobile phones, had fun and danced to the playing street orchestra.

The creator of this gaming festival is the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. It is also known for flash mobs at the British station and at Heathrow Airport. As you can see, the production of viral advertising campaigns is put on stream.