In Russia, the process of canceling per-minute billing has been initiated

Friday , 8, May 2020 Leave a comment

FAS (Federal Antimonopoly Service) of Russia proposed to remove per-minute tariffication of calls from mobile and fixed-line operators. According to experts, this could lead to a loss of 10% of revenue for mobile operators and 5% of revenue for fixed operators.

Antitrust monitors have already sent their vision of the issue to the Ministry of Communications. Anatoly Golomolzin, deputy head of the antimonopoly service, said that the FAS intends to offer a ban on the “minute by minute” for the provision of communication services in roaming. In his opinion, there are no technical obstacles to this change, except for the reluctance of the cellular companies themselves. In Kazakhstan, for example, the norm of the tariffing step is set to not more than 10 seconds. The ministry believes that when a subscriber receives an invoice with a rounded up call duration, he pays for a service that was not actually provided to him.

The Ministry of Communications confirmed that they are now considering a decision to install the maximum charging unit for mobile operators in the amount of 20 seconds. According to existing legislation, the cost of a call by cell phone is rounded upwards after exceeding every minute.

Recall that the “big three” of mobile operators switched to per-minute billing after canceling payment for incoming calls. Lost in connection with this part of the revenue was partially offset by the transition to the “minute”.

According to the representatives of the operators, in order to implement the new principle in life, it is necessary to amend the law “On Communications”. Currently, per minute tariffing is allowed by this law.