Jio Phone Delivered? Here Are 7 Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

Jio Phone is the first 4G feature phone to capture the public’s eye, with features that can give smartphones a run for their money. At zero effective price for the handset, Jio Phone seems like an attractive proposition. But with the old school user interface and the modern features, there are many things you might not notice come across unless you go looking for them. In fact, most of the features you might use on a daily basis, such as a passcode lock or USB file transfer, are tucked away in Settings, hidden away from plain view. So, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of a few Jio Phone tips and tricks you should be aware when you get started with the handset.


How to import Gmail contacts on Jio Phone

Importing your contacts will be one of the first things you would want to do while setting up your phone. If your Jio SIM already has contacts, you can copy them to your phone. However, if your contacts are saved in your Google or Microsoft account, the option to copy them to the Jio Phone may not be that obvious.

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To import your Google contacts with Jio Phone, open the Contacts app and click on the Settings option on the right, and scroll down to Import Contacts. Here, choose the Gmail option and enter your credentials when the screen loads. Once you have entered the Google ID and password, you will need to give hit Allow when the screen asks if you want to give KAI OS access to your information. After this, your Google contacts will appear in Jio Phone Contacts app when you open it. Note that this is a one-time import of contacts from, and not a continuous smartphones-like sync with your Gmail address book.

Similarly, for Outlook contacts, you need to choose the Outlook option under Import Contacts and enter your account ID and password to sync contacts.


Change interface languages
Jio Phone supports 22 languages, such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, among others. To change the user interface to the language of your preference, head to the Personalization tab in the Settings app. Scroll down to the Language option, hit OK, and then scroll down to the language of your choice. Once you select the language, the entire interface will be in that particular language.

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Call forwarding
If you want to set up call forwarding feature in Jio Phone, open Call Settings in the Network & Connectivity tab in the Settings app. Here, scroll down to Call Forwarding and choose the suitable option (such as Always Forward, Forward When Busy, etc.) You will have to provide the forwarding number to turn this feature on.

Set up a screen lock
If you don’t want others to have access to the information on your Jio Phone unit, you can set up a passcode lock. For this, open the Settings app, head to Privacy & Security, and select Screen Lock. Here, choose the option to turn the screen lock on, and the handset will prompt you to set up a new screen lock. Just enter a four-digit passcode that you will remember easily and hit OK. That’s it, your passcode lock has been set up, and will have to be entered when you unlock the handset the next time.

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How to use Jio Phone for file storage via USB

You will not be able to transfer files from a storage device to Jio Phone when you get the handset via the USB cable because the option is turned off by default. To enable it, go to the Storage tab under Settings and select the USB Storage option. Here, simply select the Enable option and you will be able to transfer files using a USB cable. However, if you have set a passcode lock on the phone, you will have to unlock the phone to transfer the files as the phone will not appear in the list of devices on your phone otherwise.


Stop websites from tracking you and clear browser history
The Jio Phone default Web browser records your online activity just like any other browser, and in the official app, you will not find a way to delete all your history. For this too, you need to go to the Settings app. Scroll to the Privacy & Security tab and select the Browsing Privacy option. Here you can clear browsing history as well as cookies and stored data. You can also tell websites and apps to not track you in the same tab under the Do Not Track option.

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Check for software updates
Jio Phone is a feature phone that comes with a lot of modern features, but not all of these are baked in at present, such as the provision for digital payments. The handsets come with the hardware, but the necessary firmware will be pushed to the handsets via on over-the-air update. In case you want to check if your phone has received a software update, you can do so in the Settings app as well. Go to the Device tab, select Device Information and scroll down to LYF Software Update to check for any new OTA update.

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