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Scientists Are One Step Closer to a «Personalized» Flu Shot

While still decades away, new research shows how custom vaccines could be developed H1N1 influenza virus particles shown in a colorized transmission electron micrograph (NIH/Wikimedia Commons) By Lindsay Smith Rogers, Global Health NOW smithsonian.com November 27, 2017 This article is from Global Health NOW, a news website and weekday e-newsletter published by the Johns Hopkins […]

Before You Swat That Mosquito, Record It on Your Cell Phone

That’s the strategy behind Abuzz, a crowdsourcing project designed to track mosquito activity around the world Stanford scientists are building up an archive of mosquito sounds. (Kurt Hickman/Stanford News Service) By Randy Rieland smithsonian.com November 24, 2017 The next time a mosquito buzzes in your ear, do Manu Prakash a favor: Don’t swat it, record […]

The Ten Best STEM Toys of 2017

Kid tested and parent approved, these tech toys stand out for holiday wish lists (Amazon) By Michelle Z. Donahue smithsonian.com November 22, 2017 Have an older child who still loves playing with cars? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade to a toy moon rover. Or your daughter really digs magnetic puzzles—she might like to try […]

Intel in 2017: still the leader, but for how long?

AMD vs Intel got hotter than ever in 2017 2017: when the processor wars got interesting Many people would argue that Intel’s dominance of the desktop and laptop processor market brought with it a lack of ambition and innovation. AMD, Intel’s closest rival, was lagging so far behind in market share, that many people accused […]

Best Android boxes in 2018: for TV and everything else

2. W95 TV Box An affordable way to jump on the Android bandwagon Incredibly cheapNice spec for the priceUSB 2.0 ports At just over £20 (around $27, AU$35), the W95 is a great introduction to Google’s popular operating system, and it comes with a bundled remote control for those who will be using it for […]

The best Cyber Monday 2017 deals in India

B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen BO1642001 Headphones for Rs 17,297 Bang & Olufsen is known for its premium crafted headphones that offer amazing audio experience for its users. These B&O headphones made from materials such as leather and aluminum are really good for people who don’t want to compromise on quality. The B&O BO1642001 […]

The Best Newegg Black Friday deals 2017

Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming K5Now $134.99 (was $169.99) $35 off You’re going to want a solid motherboard to go with that Ryzen processor and we recommend this one from Gigabyte. Not only will its X370 chipset allow you to fully access the potential of Ryzen processors, it also nice and affordable with that $35 discount.View Deal […]